Oh how I adore you half term! For me, this week has brought with it a hell of a lot of walking, train connections, two door cinema club (I just really got into Tourist History), facemasks and toner tabs, pizza, art exhibitions entitled 'poetry and dreams', shopping, tea-drinking, compulsive television watching, failed baking and 'the perks of being a wallflower' and 'a thousand splendid suns' reading.

On Wednesday, I took what can only be described as a pilgrimage to Vivien of Holloway's london shop. I had such a lovely time and fell in love with the dress I'm wearing in the photo above. You can see how happy I look, I appear to have taken on the characteristics of a five year old*: deer socks, crazy eyed smile and a spin reminiscent of when trying on my mother's dresses and her high heels. Offering a whole range of retro replica clothing, Vivien of Holloway is the kind of thing you try desperately to keep to yourself, then end up gushing about to anyone who wants to listen. So here's my little present to you: a badly kept secret.

*Seriously, I'm fourteen years old and 5"6... not five years old and four foot (why am I so ridiculously unphotogenic?).

And, just because this picture has made my day, I'm sharing this picture of Sheldon and Penny from the big bang theory... (the actors probably have names - but they will forever be their characters for me.)

Jump, Sheldon, JUMP!

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