Finally, a picture I can take legitable credit for. I did this collage for Geography - it's entitled 'Teenage Afluenza'. An interesting concept, this massive issue feels very relevant at the moment with comic relief coming up. It's one of those moments which makes you stop and think. Those frivolous thoughts that pester us constantly seem so insignificant when you remember to think before you speak.

However, when watching the rich, famous and living in the slums program, I found myself absolutely startled and awe-struck at how hopeful the people living in absolute poverty are. It makes you feel both proud of human resilience and ashamed of how wasteful we are of the opportunities that we have been spoon fed with since birth. The fact that people living in the slums are so undeniably charitable towards the celebrities shows the way in which they conduct themselves, in the hardest environment, is still completely and irrefutably admirable.
It's a wonderful and heartbreaking revelation.

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