Final Friday

I want to share a quote, by Raf Simmons, that's sticking with me for the summer:

"The future, for me, is romantic. I don't understand people who say the past is romantic. Romantic, for me, is something you don't know yet, something you can dream about, something unknown and mystical. That I find fascinating."

I found this through Arabelle Sicardi and her blog 'Fashion Pirate', which kind of contradicts her latest post about the stale state of the internet (I'm just running around after people, collecting quotes and crafting them into some messed up tapestry of unoriginal musings... but then, as John Green says, 'maybe our favourite quotations say more about us than about the stories and people we're quoting' - oh look, I did it again!).

This post is spiralling into quite a negative tone, but this is probably because, in efforts to be more honest, I'm stopping being such a super-happy-bunny-rabbit type person. That lying to oneself to detract from bad points is self-preservation up to a point, but it's starting to really get on my nerves: my life is completely lacking in compassion and how will you recognise the sun if it doesn't rain, blah, blah, blah.

I feel a bit bad for writing blah now, this is starting to sound like a journal entry! The last short thing I'm mentioning is that I'm thinking of stopping the days of the week blog titles. I did it from being inspired by Flight of the Conchords, when they always cut to what day of the week it is, and I quite admire the simplicity of it. However, this constant chronological naming of my posts is getting to be a bit of a drag for me... so the titles will probably end up being song titles. Which will bore me in the long run, again.

Summer break is going to be lovely, because I, convulsively, can not commit to a single thing - so weeks on end of high school really test my patience. It's over [for the next six weeks]!

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