Last Night

[Here's me, resembling the chesire cat, a la Alice in Wonderland]

I saw Charlie Simpson at the Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth. The only thing I can liken it to is going to see a gig at 14, and your imaginary friend walks onstage and plays really good guitar. It's that obsessive feeling that, because I don't remember my music taste without Charlie, I feel like I own him... yes, no way to put that across without sounding like a creep.

However, Charlie was fucking amazing! He's taller and more talented in person: the type of person who could, if they wanted to, get by in life on looks alone - but pays no attention to that and just really loves his music for the sheer beauty of it. This makes him better in my eyes to see how grounded and normal he is. Also, he's pretty adorably shy! Played the entire set with his eyes closed, and made polite and perfectly normal conversation with the audience, but didn't do anything pompous and assuming (which is good, if he'd been disgustingly pretentious I might have broken down and cried).

The two support acts were good, particularly the Xcerts - who'd stripped down their rockier sound to a tone more in-keeping with Charlie's folkier stuff. They were amazing!* A good skill for musicians is to make their audience feel comfortable and they were absolutely great at not taking themselves too seriously.

Charlie's new album is lovely: there's nothing to not like, the sound of it is really laidback and mellow without being boring. Last night, I learned that he really deserves his success and I feel really happy having gone to see him... got a bit of post-concert blues though. (not to mention absolute back cramp and my temporary loss of hearing: I need to work on my stamina at watching loud bands!)

*and I tweeted them this, and they tweeted back - therefore properly nice people!
PS: I have a brilliant video of Down, down, down that my sister filmed (we were so close!) but it's not letting me upload it :( so yeah.. one day it'll end up on here. Eventually.

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