Almost every weekend I've been spending a rough five pounds at the local store to perk up my weekend. Unfortunately, I nearly always end up purchasing these things on a Sunday and queueing behind sensible lovely people with sensible things like roast and vegetables in their carts whilst I'm juggling kinder eggs and green nail varnishes.

Temporary Tattoos! Homage to Frank Iero with every mark on my neck... I've also bought some henna cones and have occupied my time icing designs onto myself. HENNA SMELLS SO GOOD ARGH I'M ADDICTED.

I'm fifteen now; my birthday was on Wednesday. I went to see Noah and the Whale on Tuesday and they were incredible! Every song was poetry and I love it when the music pulses through your blood. Noise hangovers are the mark of a good concert!

This is a birthday present from my beautiful friend, who obviously listens to my incoherent ramblings! It's a 30 seconds to mars inside joke, and I'm very into my daily Leto dosage.

CREEPERS. They're so comfortable and sweet and suede and height enhancing. Today I was informed by a girl in vans that they are 'goth' shoes. I'm okay with this.

To conclude my week in shoddily taken pictures, (nearly all are mobile phone captured - we are living in the moment people!) here is my face. In case you've forgotten what I look like. I've taken the liberty of turning all previous shots into black and white so no inquiries as to my levels of sophistication fall at my creeper clad feet. Crushing them all with the power of colour filters!

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