Oh man, I love my creepers. 

Not exactly the most romantic sentiment - it's hardly romeo and juliet-esque - but I'm turning this post into a love letter for them, as they are a very dear possession of mine. Also my most recent purchase, so they're new and exciting. 

Brothel creepers are more controversial than I ever could have foreseen. Every single day I get very rude comments about their gothic-ness and general unattractiveness; which is vindication. I think the idea of non-conformist and uncoventional beauty is a very interesting one: why does beauty have to be a pseudonym for perfection? Idealistic outer perfection is just driven by consumerism, which takes advantage of the consistant flaws of certain demographics claiming to solve body issues with costly antidotes. 

Everyone should always feel brave enough to wear exactly what they want. Without needless pressures. I live my life by the simple self-questioning rule of 'what am I going to regret in fifty years time?', will the latest fashion and materialistic lust really fuel my future, or just leave me regretting ever walking into Topshop?

I think a lot about clothes, because I see fashion as freedom to self-expression. The most attractive thing is when people wear their clothes with conviction, without comparing themselves to everyone else. Without looking around before they make a decision. The courage to care and be passionate about their choices. The clothes you wear reflect how you percieve the world and how you want to be percieved - even subconsciously, I'm not just talking about Vogue fashionistas. 

One of my biggest flaws is how materialistic I am, because I use this kind of distraction as a form of escapism and subtle rebellion (if I say it enough times, I'll convince myself!). However, I don't believe that deciding to wear creepers, etcetera, is shallow. Being a slave to fashion and judging people on their appearances are all interlinked in prejudism and thus traits of being shallow. Everyone deserves the chance to be accepted and listenened to - people choose to find the people who will listen in different ways. 

Listeners are brilliant and rare. 

I find it easier to be listened to whilst wearing creepers because they make me feel more confident - which sounds shallow, but it just makes me feel more myself. Which is why rejection based on fashion sense is sometimes the most hurtful. Because judgements based on clothing choice can be made in a second, and overlook the fact that when people get dressed, they are choosing who they are, how they want to be perceived and how they want to express their personality. So please, if you want to do one nice thing today, have the courage to be kind about people who don't dress like everyone else - no one deserves to be ostracized because of what they look like. Don't be fashion conscious, be fashion courageous. Be who you want - let your clothes talk for you. It's not shallow to allow your dress sense let others know that you are here, you are present and that you have a voice. Just remember to listen what other people are saying about themselves, you might be pleasantly surprised.


  1. I love them !!! And I know how you feel ... I once was on my I-want-to-be-a-reenee-girl-trip and everyone called me a Nazi. And ugly. But in my world I was the coolest chick on earth.

    But I'm a bit skeptical about these fashion things... Because of this huuuge artsy-hipstery-scene my eyes love people who don't wear oversized jack-daniels-shirts over a pair of glitter leggins.

    I live in a city where this is celebrated to the highest and I just despise mass media and consumption even more.

    But you're right - people see if one tries to hard. It's really simple, as you say, - just be yourself. A lot of people forget that :) nice post.

  2. Thanks so much for the feedback!

    I'm glad people understand the cynism it takes to pick apart the 'mainstream' but the right amount of it, so as not to alienate yourself by pushing away others on purely image-based reasons.

    and creepers are amazing :) good taste.