Went to the Clothes Show in Birmingham with my textiles group. Inevitably, my highlight of the day was the Dance & Fashion Show. Beautiful models, perfect choreography and lavish clothes? Yes please! What made me pleasantly surprised was the underlying theme seen throughout the majority of the clothes exhibited: the element of fun. It was reminiscent of a child’s dressing up box (I’m thinking of the menswear trousers with asymmetrical legs in contrasting colours). I think it’s fantastic that fashion seems to have been thrown to the kids, and I think that’s because the whole done-to-death-vintage-retro-scene-you-can-buy-from-urban-outfitters is really just… old. Now the focus is on new innovations, and fresh ideas from quirky designers. So that’s my trend forecast. Throwing off the shackles of what once was, to create something different and synonymous to the 21st century. Also, loved how charismatic the models were - hoping that’ll be mirrored of numerous other runways. 

So basically, I'm a sucker for garments featuring low maturity levels and disillusioned with the whole hipster vintage tribes. 
Oh, and I'm doing a skirt project - electively inspired by Meadham Kirschoff's SS12 show. Can I just live forever in this fluff and courtney love fusion?

What tired me in the Clothes Show was the pressure and pointlessness of buying stuff. Claustrophobia inducing crowds fighting over vintage wannabe jumpers and endless shirts that all look the same make me gag. 

Now I'm off to read Rookie and procrastinate, whilst devouring some chocolate orange (it counts as one of my five a day... right?)  

(8/1/2012) Hi, happy new year! Here's a visual asterisk of the finished skirt.. 

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