This will be my last blog post until Easter. This year is going by quickly!

So last year for Lent, I gave up facebook and chocolate. This year I am going a step further to the realms of masochism by depriving myself of chocolate and social networking; an umbrella term including my twitter, tumblr, facebook and blogger acount (including reading blogs by others). Depriving is a funny way to describe it (it's the word that popped into my head first - can you tell I'm nervous/full of dread?!) because I'm thinking it will be as if I'm growing up 15 years ago...

Which is sweet, in an odd and impossibly nostalgic way. 

I'm very prone to feeling like a product of my generation (but probably everyone is... right?) and I just don't want to be trapped in a place where my actual life is superseded by the one I have on the internet. I'm not too certain of my exact feelings vis-a-vis internet control over real life, because it's so hazy where one ends and the other begins, plus the overlap is widening rapidly - good thing, bad thing? Who knows..

I'll be back before you know/realise it!

Have fun in the remainder of February, March and and April (without me, sob!), unfortunately I'll be pretty hard to locate but I'll still be checking my email at csosienskismith@hotmail.co.uk so send me a snail mail of the 21st century! Or, if you'd prefer actual snail mail, let's be pen pals (email me for my address).

Thank you for following me, reading my blog, and humouring my odd bouts of internet love/hate.

 I'll meet you in the street.   

Apologies for the video, there are not enough versions of this out there!

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