Famous last words, I know, and - as I sit typing with hello kitty band-aid covered hands and chipped nail varnish you might not believe me.

But, through sheer combination of sunny afternoons and the discovery of all-in cookies, I actually feel really on track. This is, of course, subjective. 'On track' in this context means 'made-a-bit-of-a-mess-of-everything-but-whatever'. 

Chaos ensued after I went for an interview for head girl and didn't get it, which led me to the worst revelation: that I wasn't too bothered about it in the first place. It is awful, because all my doubts about the interview and the ensuing decision have been replaced by sheer guilt for the other refused hopefuls who are genuinely upset. I felt like a wolf in lambs clothing throughout the whole process (you could tell, I was the only one who opened my envelope with a shocked 'people voted for ME?!') and I guess that the higher authorities saw right through my disguise.

Happily, this has led me to the things I enjoy doing. Instead of feeling abject shame for not being suitably distraught, I'm occupying my time with staying up late watching twin peaks and doing slight revision for a couple of finals I have in the next month (this is my way of saying that blogging is going to be scarce in mid-may and early june). I've never mentioned this, but I study two languages, with my french study being independent and today I had an interview and acceptance for modern foreign languages prefect which means great things; namely the excuse to hang out in the languages department, spend time with my other prefects who are some really solid people, and put on clubs and stuff where we can eat crêpes and drink chocolat chaud - très passionnant!

To add to my whole conquering the rejection mood, I had a message for me from Janie waiting for me! I find Janie so inspirational and just a generally great person with a whole heap of integrity - but she is the hardest person to track down and arrange to meet up with! Trust me. She blogs too, in the most beautiful and heart felt style. Read her blog here.

There's no moral to this story. Apart from the universally held truth that you can be too riot grrrrl for head girl.

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