This is my last weekend of being a complete slacker, so let's revel in my day's work!
(In a perfect world, it should have been a combination of religious studies and maths revision, but I am so grateful that this isn't a perfect world).

Hmm... uncertain as to what was going on in my twin peaks saturated mind when I curated this, because it could be way more introspective and thus more relevant, but it's still totally useful for bedroom dancing and wishing you were more/less introspective*.

"Laura Palmer's Prom" (click for songs)

1. Lust for Life // GIRLS

2. Deceptacon // le tigre

3. Inside Outside // The Grates

4. The Kelly Affair // Be Your Own Pet

5. Monogamy // I Heart Sharks

6. Twin Peaks (allen blickle remix) // Surfer Blood

7. Debaser // Pixies

8. Miss World // Hole

9. Home Vs Home (blueskies remix) // The Xcerts

10. Laura Palmers Prom // You say Party! We say Die!

*That, and I really wanted to listen to these songs.

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