Dear all of you who keep the visits on my blog at a constant increase, I want to thank you so much because that's pretty nice to feel like a few people appreciate this thing. 

So yes, thanks. 

I am not using this blog as often as I have during shiny bouts of writing as, if I'm attempting to discuss my thoughts, it's unfortunately through half-hearted essays in class. Class, class, class. My life has been consumed by criterion, calculations and crap-ness. 

The things that are keeping me from burning down my school?

Mix tapes are my saviors. 8tracks is like a gift from heaven. Musically, I'm still making attempts on my bass, whilst drooling over the bass lines in those really classic songs; particularly kim deal, simon gallup, peter hook's kind of bass. 

Films have been fun for me. Perks of being a wallflower was a bit marred by how absolutely hideous the casting was concerning emma watson as sam. I don't dislike emma watson, so it's nothing personal, just that the combination of her poor american accent, her delicate coquettish ways and lack of roughness - like knowing how rich she is - makes for a big let-down. In my opinion, you know, whatever. I want to see Ginger and Rosa soon. Wes Anderson has always been there for me as well*. Deciding not to do film studies at college though for fear of being the pretentious one who just cries in the corner.

I'm not that exciting. But you don't exactly need to be exciting.. I'm not some kind of circus freak so I'm getting through this year where the only thing encouraged of me is exam results. Like I'm some number on a page, isn't this what we detest? On the other hand, it's a total privileged young westerner syndrome and I regret that. 

I post on my instagram, I think I may be hooked, so if you want a more regular update that is the best place to check.

*cry. for. help.


  1. It's good you have an outlet, school (college especially) can seem like a bit of a drag...I wanted to see Perks of being a Wallflower only because Nina Dobrev was in it.



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  3. didn't do film school because I thought I should do something more "intellectual/academic" (dragged myself into pursuing a career in journalism). And now I'm applying. (Ok this you-gain-more-experience-whenyouwait thing is ture.)

    What do you do as an alternative? Film studies probably will be theory and watching films (most of them you've probably also already seen), so not that exciting, and pretentious people are EVERYWHERE, anyways, I think it's the better option to be pretentious than noticing/being annoyed by pretentious people ha

    1. I really agree with you, but I never thought about pretension being preferable to something else! ha!

      good luck for film school! I've decided to focus on english literature, history, philosophy and french. I just want to read books! I think I didn't quite want to discuss film, I just wanted to be a film... typical.