Girl Talk

I want to be in Kate Nash’s girl gang. I want to wear short black dresses, bleach my hair and play bass. Luckily, whole summers spent listening to Hole and Pixies haven’t been wasted! My dreams of being the perfect mix of Kim Deal & Courtney Love (and Angela Chase, because I always want to be Claire Danes circa 1996) have been realised in Kate’s third album.

It’s a good album. I’m not surprised: I went to see Kate when she came to Brighton last year and as soon as she started on the bass, I knew that she’s playing the kind of music I need now. The third album discusses stuff that’s important to me; and rap for rejection was the clinching argument when I saw her live. I like it that it pairs totally sound issues that need to be talked about with the absence of pretension/preachiness and that holds true for the whole album. Oddly, seeing her at the Haunt made me look into the band on her guitar which was FIDLAR, who I saw in the same venue last week and their new album is a favourite of mine. It comforts me that cool people know cool people.

So I like Kate Nash. I was kind of undecided on her based on her other stuff but I’m happy that’s changed (although mansion song was always cool). Apparently, not everyone is as into this new material as I am (like what? People have different opinions to me??) and express this by chastising Kate for changing and ‘pretending’ etcetera, which is so heart-breakingly predictable. If anyone is actively hating Kate Nash for Girl Talk then it comes from that rotten place where people can’t stand seeing old friends change; annexing them off for betrayal when why can’t people allow others to grow up? An interesting issue when you think that Kate Nash was always considered fine and friendly, but now she’s more outwardly controversial than the girl she was, it’s scary to people who want to keep artists occupying the same space you carve out for them.

Of course this transcends down to why I need Kate Nash with her new girl band. I want to be Kate Nash when I grow up. I need to have people with attention who can be different and just keep doing that even though it’s not unanimously accepted.

Girls on bass forever, Kate. 

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