17 Filles

I live my life in the hope that I'm not the only who spends their Saturdays watching french films about pregnant teenagers. "17 Filles" is a really fun and heartwarming, almost life-affirming, film (based on a true story??) about a group of girls.

It shows the girls as wonderful and devastating characters, their personalities being most important as the narrative centres around their interaction with the world they are in. Understated and overwhelmingly pleasing, the direction is reminiscent of all my favourites - from the opening scene when the lead character listens to blood red shoes over headphones on the beach in France, I knew it was worth my time to watch. 

As one girl gets accidentally pregnant, her group of friends decide to join her to make her feel less isolated. It sounds like an odd episode of skins, but the girls are shown as such fascinating and multi-faceted characters that it's really impressive. Also (the endless reason why I love films like this) the realism is really comforting. 

The aesthetics!!!
(shout out to the prtScn key)

What I like best is that it begins to suggest what it is to be a girl, and what growing up means, the tribal aspects of teenage, and is more of a coming-of-age film than a shocking drama about pregnant teens. 

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