Swim Deep

This is so lovely. I think Swim Deep are great. I managed to see them at the Concorde 2 in October and they were wonderful, both playing and as people. Despite the intelligence of this song, they were actually lacking seriousness in a very big way... this song seems to be a step up from the rest of their stuff. I recommend them as a band and, just like Bastille, I don't mind if they get more notoriety - I welcome it very much - as they both deserve it and, most importantly, have the talent to back it up.

It really comforts me to see these bands that have obviously drawn from 80s/90s influences, harnessed that, and taken it into a new type of music; in a the same way that the smiths or nirvana were doing with the music from the 60s. A lot of popular music is really discomforting and disconcerting but that's how we tell the differences between good and bad music. I think swim deep make good music: listen to the portrayal of adolescence and I'll resist anyone who thinks I'm incorrect in that judgement. I need more bands of this calibre.

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