Train appreciation post

When I reflect on my four years at a girls school, I mostly remember train journeys. I'm not entirely sure what that really means...

1. All trains end at Brighton. Or London. Personally, my morning trains are all-stopping (because East Worthing is the equivalent of that one eyebrow hair left unplucked on many of my fellow commuter's brow) so they are always Brighton-bound. I like this. I've aligned myself with Southern rail so much that I'm also Brighton bound! Which is hideous when thought about too much. Brighton is my favourite place within a certain distance due to all the best memories I've had over high school there; predominantly made up of seeing bands, but that's another list altogether. So yes, hopeful places to be taken.

2. Forced bonding due to train delays, lonely mornings, only one spare seat left to claim. I've made one of my closest friends through sharing train journeys. The story I love to tell is that she followed me around, walking up trains and sitting next to my early morning bear-like self until I finally stopped trying to ignore her and actively engaged in conversation. I love to tell this, because it's completely true. I'm shocked that someone could be so dedicated to spend time in my company... which is as unappealing as those early morning commutes.

3. The independence of buying a ticket and being able to travel. It's really empowering to a 12 year old and I still feel the remnants of that early high school self-importance that, despite living adjacent to the biggest high school in the area, I chose to cross town to the girl's school. Fickle. 

4. The conversations to be overheard!!! These are my favourite things. From left wing politics to absolutely embarrassing secrets, it's perhaps the major factor in why I get trains all the time. I probably can't retell any of them out of kindness to the people, and it is a total 'you had to be there' situation.

5. Looking out of a train window, the south coast looks quite nice. Strange that it's from a seat of gross communal spaces that I've kind of reconciled myself with the place I've grown up. Maybe I'm just happy to be leaving it! 

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