Like the fireworks that I watched post-thunderstorm in a Pennsylvanian park, I was rocketed into the sky and immortalized in far too many camera screens of my loving relatives. From seven hours trapped in a metal cage with other western-faring travelers to the seven months kept captive in that exam-prepping cycle with countless other teenagers, I felt that going to America was everything for which I'd been waiting. 

Surviving my thunderstorm of the national curriculum and excess of examinations which characterized my (very anti-climatic) end of high school, meant that my parents packaged me off to the USA as a reward. I hadn't been on American soil for five years. This is a good thing. My favourite branch of the family tree were spared suffering my awkward pubescent stages! They remember me as the pitiful four year old obsessed with dogs and running after balls my sister threw into traffic and now update that idea with an image of a (mostly) well-adjusted and freakishly long-limbed sixteen year old with a British accent. What more does any other Polish-American family hope for?

Being back home, I miss my family in America a lot but feel indescribably better for having 19 days where I felt very important (and ridiculously spoilt). Expect a few more posts where I attempt to capture my trip in my cloying, cliched manner. To kick start this, I shared my 10 Songs for Summer on Albatross Audio which you can read here and listen to here.

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