list number one

Things I have been enjoying recently:

the obligatory it’s a video when someone films you with a mobile phone camera

forgetting that my grandad is 82 years old

when blueberries are sweet

and blueberries are sour

(so that you can realise when they are sweet)

having backlogs of work to write up so I know that I’ve done something

burning over 1000 calories on a hike

because a thousand sounds like a lot

eating two raisin cinnamon bagels because I can (gluttony is bad but so is restricting yourself)


chinese history

almond milk

impulse buying two flannel shirts

french verbs

fruit and fibre

snippets from judy and beth’s trip to germany

featuring communist mix tapes

job rejections

(because I’m trying but the universe wants me unemployed)

free time

and fear of the future

(good fear)

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