1. People and weird and confusing and messy and I think I'm endlessly pursuing an understanding of the human condition. Maybe I'll never figure it out? Is that what being a person is? I always come back to the scene in Frances Ha where she nervously laughs and apologises for not being a real person yet.

2. You will still get called an immigrant in Brighton. And bite your tongue not to say 'immigrant or immiGREAT???'

3. Bosses will allow you to be an hour late to work and it will only be your guilt that makes you do better next time. Guilt and the fact that working two and a half hours means your payslip is under 10 pounds for the past two weeks.

4. You will learn all the words to Catalina Fight Song.

5. Life still goes on even when you fail exams. "Different smart" is my favourite term of the moment. I'm a big nerd but distracted and messy and weird and confusing.

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