This time of year is when things start to seem a bit more interesting because it feels like summer break is coming which is good for many things, including the freedom of time in which you can work on the stuff you actually care about (art coursework, that doesn't mean you!).

So this summer, I want to:
  1. Learn how to swim. Somehow I've managed to completely skip over this seemingly essential life skill and now I'm just intensely jealous of people who are practically semi-aquatic.
  2. Play the bass. Again, I'm sick of languishing in self-pity because I'm envious of things others can do, of which I'm totally capable.
  3. Read the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I feel like a pretender for loving the films so, when I've never actually read the real text.
  4. Rollerskate... I'm pretty bad at it but I got some classy skates.

(My friend Jenny is a killer photographer, manages to get a part of herself in every picture we take!) That's a list of four useful ideas, and I've also been thinking of a couple less likely/less productive things to do. Hopefully the weather stays sunny, it just makes my mind wander..