They made me go

Lately I've been having conversations with my friends about how it's good that the situations we're in right now are temporary, because that's what makes it mean something and oh my I just realised that this whole post could basically paraphrase Gwen Stacey's valedictorian speech from The Amazing Spider-man 2, which I've watched twice this week already, so obviously this is too recycled but you know what I mean about a sense of nihilism to highlight the good parts of... life... I guess.


Still figuring it out

I'm overwhelmed by how well this blog is still doing, so thank you from the bottom of my eternally 12 year old heart for validating what may or may not have been a good idea to start. I think this fragmented narrative will be unfinished forever.

Some really crazy weeks have been had this year and I'm still firmly heading upwards on that graph of 'every year is better than the last'. I've woken up in strange places in Brighton, ran to work, vomited at work, stolen tshirts from friends, consumed a tonne of fruit and fibre (note to self: look into getting sponsored by Kellogg's), spent my entire bank account, gone to Paris, applied for a visa to China, turned vegan, turned Grimes-style-vegan, failed at being vegan, and spent more hours on trains than not.

My back constantly aches and I think I need to sleep more. My ankle is still swollen. I've decided not to shave my legs and boycott Veet. Feminist club is going nicely. I went to see Bombay Bicycle Club and it was so fun. The unravelled strands of my pseudo-existential-teenage-crises aren't bothering me anymore.