December 2012

Are you worried that food/warmth/wifi are the new bare necessities? Because I am. Those three are so inescapable that I'm beginning to re-code respiration and replace it with a html code and a fancy hyperlink. 
In the name of the father, the son and the holy wireless adapter. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

You've joined me mid-cup of tea at midnight in a hotel room. You've got the rare spot of wifi to thank for that. You're welcome.

Despite these pixels (and undoubted teenage pretension) separating us, I will attempt to bridge that empty space with poorly edited shots of hotel rooms from my instagram. It's a resolution to use this old thing more often and well, no time like the present. If I'm right in my thinking, 2013 will be the three.. four(?!) -year anniversary of this blog. If that doesn't put the fear of the new generation and our rambunctious internet freedom up you, feast your eyes on my monochromatic picture update and repent.

C x



Thanks to these three songs, I am feeling in the festive spirit. I have Rookie to thank (again) for making me happier // cooler // better adjusted to my emotions, man.

Anything that tags itself with " indie rock french garage garage pop indiepop San Francisco" is alright with me. That's a rule.