Goose pimpled flesh

This interview is making me really happy at the moment. Is it really lame to post this? I haven't seen these guys live for a while because waiting impatiently for the new album. Also couldn't make it to Brighton when I realised that they were impromptu playing and I mixed up my dates. Recklessly inadequate.


It always seems really safe to post information on the internet

Sometimes when tags go around blogger, I feel like I've been picked last for the team. But lovely Maddy, of http://thatgurlmaddy.blogspot.co.uk/, tagged me! So I'm getting ever nearer to abandoning my 'no one likes me' self-pitying routine. I remembered that I'd neglected to writing this when I saw Maddy as I was coming back from the gym this week - after bodyattack - which I can't even make sound more ridiculous than it was. Totally masochistic is the time spent at the gym.

Here goes with the Liebster Award...

1) What would your dream job be?
I would love to write and read books and do so without constraints or having to conform to anyone else's standards. Like a kid forever. I'd like to work for a charity doing relief work or humanitarian aid awareness. 

2) Who is somebody you look up to or aspire to be like?

I admire Margaret Atwood's way with words and intelligence. I also admire Angelina Jolie's intellect and kindness that she's being a really cool mother with allowing her kids to be transgendered and not defining who they are... I think Florence Welch is visually stunning. Ezra Koenig is ridiculous and smart, I think my history teacher is my image of a well-lived life and, overall, I think I'm always enraptured by the qualities other people have or the things they do.

3) What is a product you just could not live without?

I definitely think I'd be a lot less happier without my moisturiser. It's just a Simple one. I plan to use it till the day I die and not subscribe to the advertising insanity that, as a woman, I need a bunch of different creams to stay 'young'. As if. 

4) What is your favorite piece of clothing/ pair of shoes you own?

I'll go with my doc martens because they're my longest lasting shoe and fail-safe. A lot of good times had in them. Also, I kind of love that fake fur coat I got for christmas.

5) What is something you feel proud about?

I'm proud that I started going to see bands on my own. It's really empowering because I don't need to meet anyone to introduce me to new things and make me become more wonderful in a kind of coming-of-age modern fairy tale way... I think I have my lonely, angst-ridden young self to thank for a lot.

6) If you could be in any TV show what would it be?

My So-Called Life. Or Adventure Time.

7)  What is your favorite quote?

Two quotes I have on my walls that I can see right now are Maya Angelou's "nothing will work unless you do" and Edvard Munch's "from my rotting body flowers shall grow and I am in them and that is eternity". On the back of my phone I have "FIDLAR". I've probably internalised Derrick Brown's "don't text anyone while talking to anyone" from his poem Grocery List. I think that's important. I just read Brave New World and I quite like those lines from the Tempest. 

8) What is something you wish you said to people more?

I wish I waited to say some things, even as seemingly mundane as a 'thank you', so that they sounded sincere. My Dad and I are good at sincere conversations as we're both quiet. I get a bit desperate in social situations and I really think I'd have more to answer if the question talked about wishing you said less.

9) Where do you wish to see yourself in 10 years time?

Hopefully moved out of my parent's house. If I achieve that, the rest is a bonus. 

10) What or who is the most important to you?

I think self-respect. That manifests itself in a lot of different ways - like interacting with the people I love. But yes, I think respecting myself is very important. 

If you're not bored to death... my eleven facts:

  • I'm edging ever closer to becoming a francophile and it is one of my biggest goals to achieve fluency in french
  • I've been to see almost thirty bands (at different times and venues!) in the last two years
  • I am a vegetarian
  • I'm mildly lactose intolerant
  • I am inadequate at swimming
  • I have a comic book signed by Gerard Way
  • I am terrifically short sighted
  • I have a bass in the corner that belonged to Fatboy Slim
  • My arms are out of proportion with my body and make me look quite orangutan-esque
  • I'm an American and British citizen
  • I'm going to wear a dress to prom I bought for £6 from a charity shop
My questions for other people are:
1) What's your favourite book?
2) Which director's films do you most enjoy?
3) What one thing would you do if you had one day left to live?
4) Who is your favourite superhero?
5) Guilty pleasure?
6) If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
7) What would you like to change about your life?
8) What is something that never fails to make you happy?
9) What do you think is most attractive?
10) Spots or stripes?

Sadly, I don't think I follow eleven active blogs on here! What a sheltered internet life I lead. Also, most people have done the tag already. Therefore I welcome any of you who have made it this far to do the tag! If you're reading this, you've already committed to doing it.*

*It's probably legally binding. 


Train appreciation post

When I reflect on my four years at a girls school, I mostly remember train journeys. I'm not entirely sure what that really means...

1. All trains end at Brighton. Or London. Personally, my morning trains are all-stopping (because East Worthing is the equivalent of that one eyebrow hair left unplucked on many of my fellow commuter's brow) so they are always Brighton-bound. I like this. I've aligned myself with Southern rail so much that I'm also Brighton bound! Which is hideous when thought about too much. Brighton is my favourite place within a certain distance due to all the best memories I've had over high school there; predominantly made up of seeing bands, but that's another list altogether. So yes, hopeful places to be taken.

2. Forced bonding due to train delays, lonely mornings, only one spare seat left to claim. I've made one of my closest friends through sharing train journeys. The story I love to tell is that she followed me around, walking up trains and sitting next to my early morning bear-like self until I finally stopped trying to ignore her and actively engaged in conversation. I love to tell this, because it's completely true. I'm shocked that someone could be so dedicated to spend time in my company... which is as unappealing as those early morning commutes.

3. The independence of buying a ticket and being able to travel. It's really empowering to a 12 year old and I still feel the remnants of that early high school self-importance that, despite living adjacent to the biggest high school in the area, I chose to cross town to the girl's school. Fickle. 

4. The conversations to be overheard!!! These are my favourite things. From left wing politics to absolutely embarrassing secrets, it's perhaps the major factor in why I get trains all the time. I probably can't retell any of them out of kindness to the people, and it is a total 'you had to be there' situation.

5. Looking out of a train window, the south coast looks quite nice. Strange that it's from a seat of gross communal spaces that I've kind of reconciled myself with the place I've grown up. Maybe I'm just happy to be leaving it!